Lost on the

Bohemian Road (1997)

Feature   |   English   |   90 Minutes

Drama/Romance/Comedy   |   TV-MA


Director: Sean Hoessli

Producers: Sean Hoessli, Tommy Allen

Writer: Sean Hoessli

Cast: Eric Zudak, Kate Peckham, Terri Heffron

LOST ON THE BOHEMIAN ROAD is a stylishly sensual and comical love triangle tale between irresponsible, drug-loving photographer Ian, his sharp-tongued bisexual (ex) girlfriend Amy, and 16-year-old innocent Heather.


LOST ON THE BOHEMIAN ROAD realistically portrays Generation X in search of more than the traditional, comfortable answers of yesterday.  If one has ever felt the alienation of a changing society or the growing pains of innocence lost in a time of reckless experience – it’s time to hit the bohemian road.

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